Bravers First Award

August 23, 2022

Bravers was nominated as the #1 game of the first competition hosted by “The House of The Dev” and “Kefir” studio

We are so excited to be selected and highlighted among other amazing projects. For our very small team, this is a huge boost to keep moving forward. It is very important now, when the main mechanics are done, the basic code is written and the most “interesting” part of gamedev is here waiting for us - make content and do QA.

We would like to have another opportunity to say “Thanks” to our community! You are amazing! Thank you for your support and stay tuned. More news are coming in.

Find out more details at our Steam page - Bravers First Award

Bravers Updated Demo

October 31, 2021

We want to say “Thank you” to our Bravers community for the feedback we got about the demo version of Bravers.

We have worked hard to prepare an updated demo version for you to play. And today, we are happy to announce it is available on Steam for everyone.

Find out more details at our Steam page - Bravers Updated Demo

Bravers Demo

February 2, 2021

As part of the Steam Games Festival, the demo version of Bravers is now available on Steam. This makes us very happy.

Install and play Bravers to get a preview of the Bravers world and some of the game features.

We would like to hear your feedback, comments, and questions. The best way would be to join our Discord.

Find out more details at our Steam page - Bravers Demo

Announcing Bravers

July 27, 2020

We are excited to announce our new project - Bravers. Bravers is a crew management action game where you take the role of a young captain in the underground world after the Great Impact.

The game is in development, but today we celebrate a few milestones:

  • Teaser - this is a showcase of most game features and visuals at the current development state.
  • Steam Page - you can now add Bravers to your wishlist on Steam.
  • Discord - you can follow Bravers development on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. But we invite you to Bravers discord channel, where we share more details about the game development.

We will continue to share updates and details with you, stay tuned, and follow 8-bit Caviar via social media.

Find out more details at our Steam page - Announcing Bravers


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